NEW 2018 - We are thrilled to finally offer a fantastic Grayling fishing experience on the Lainio river, it's tributary streams and surrounding lakes, offering some of the most exciting and varying waters and fly fishing ever in a Grayling package.

The Lainio river is famous for it's big Baltic Salmon but it is trully one of the most abundant Grayling waters with strong wild stocks in the world hosting average size fish of 1.5 - 2.5 lbs with many fish 3 - 4lbs and some trophy fish ranging in the 4-6lbs class.
A Lainio Safari Grayling package includes superb apartment / lodge style accommodation overlooking a Trout and Arctic Char lake available for guests, fully catered from the main guest lodge situated just 5km from the main stem Lainio river, of which there is 32km double bank to explore via cars, hiking or rafts.
In addition to the main stem river there are a number of small tributary streams and creeks full of Grayling and Trout to explore as well various lakes that are also available to fish during your stay. There is a wide array of waters and scenery to enjoy, deep in the heart of Swedish Lapland.

As an added bonus, our licensing system on the Lainio river also includes fishing for Baltic Salmon, so come prepared for anything, you might just get lucky!

SEASON: 24th June - 31st August

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NEW FOR 2018

Pinetree lodge apartments feature a very spacious living room / lounge area, with stunning forest views, overlooking a beautiful forest lake teeming with Brown Trout, Arctic Char and Perch that guests can fish for throughout their stay. As part of the living room there is a sofa area, dining table, log burning stove and modern fitted kitchen with fridge freezer. There are 2 large twin bedrooms that can be shared as a group of 4 in one apartment or 2 guests can take one apartment to use as single rooms.

The main lodge is just a short walk away from the apartments, featuring a dining room for up to 60 guests also open to locals, with a bar, lounge and lake view porch. Guests can choose to take advantage of the restaurant services or self catering at the apartments. The main stem Lainio river is just a short drive away where there is 32km of double bank fishing available, plus there is additional access to the surrounding tribuatry streams and some lakes.

After a hard days fishing you can return to the warm, dry and invitingly relaxing lodge / apartments before maybe having one last cast out on the lake.


Single Hand Rods - favourites are 9’0 #4 & 10’0 #5, however 8’6”#3, 9’0 #4, 9’0 #5, 9’0 #6, 10’0 #5, 10’0 #6 are all good. Switch Rods - 11’0 #5 or 11’0 #6 class can be great for anglers who struggle with single handers or want to target other species.
Double Hand Rods - 13’0 #8, 14’0 #9 & 15’0 #10 can be worth having if you wish to target the Baltic Salmon.


Weight forward lines in the correct weight class for the rod you are using. Floating, Float / Inter & full intermediate are all worth a go depending the situation you are presented with. Heavier flows in the main stem river may require heavier lines if you like fishing light streamers or nymphs at distance. For Salmon we reccomend Versi tip lines or shooting heads from floating down to S3.


6-9 feet tapered leaders with a 3-6 lbs breaking strain. We often use straight mono from spools for shorter leaders including both Nylon and Fluorocarbon depending on the water column we are trying to fish in. Salmon tapered leaders should be 12-17 feet in length and typical breaking strain of 15-30lbs either nylon or fluorocarbon.

The most effective method is nymphing in classic colours and pink & purples seem to do very well. Grayling also regularly take streamers large or small, classic dry patterns in some cases and some of the best action comes from foam skaters in riffled water. Popular Salmon flies include: Banana - Phatakorva - Sunray - The Usual - Willie Gunn - Kinermony Killer - Beiss - Black & Chartruese


Layers are definitely the key! You will need warm underwear and thick socks wool is the best, a warm hat and a warm down or Primaloft jacket for the cold evenings, waders and a wading jacket or any other type of shell jacket.


Mosquito spray or roll on repellent such as "Jungle Oil" or “Mygga” is strongly advised. A wading staff is always good to have on hand and a camera for the special moments!
  1. Managing Director
    HOSTED PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 7 days hosted fishing & all licenses - 7 nights apartment accommodation - All food included at the main lodge - Trip host to guide and fish with the group - Arrive Sunday PM / Depart Sunday AM - 2 days fishing Camp Onka private water - 2 days Fishing Kangos FVO river and tributaries - 2 days forest lake fishing - Lodge lake with Trout & Arctic Char
  2. Managing Director
    NON-GUIDED PACKAGE INCLUDES: - 7 days guided fishing & all licenses - 7 nights apartment accommodation - All food included at the main lodge - Trip host to guide and fish with the group - Arrive Sunday PM / Depart Sunday AM - Fishing 32km Public water Kangos FVO - Forest Lake and tributary stream fishing - Lodge lake with Trout & Arctic Char

NOT INCLUDED : Any flights, transfers, guiding (unless hosted), hire car, lunch, dinner, drinks, alcohol, gratuities.

Minimum booking 2 rods / 1 Apartment. Standard booking 4 rods / 1 Apartment.

Week 31   29th July - 05th August

Week 32   05th - 12th August

Week 33   12th - 19th August

Week 34   19th - 26th August





Hosted Weeks 2018 - £650 pp